George’s Vision

"For a proud rural community”

George’s vision is “For a Proud Rural Community” for all Osgoode Ward residents. He is determined to work hard for it as well as maintain and enhance this vision for the betterment and future of the Ward. With his passion for community spirit and his personal commitment, he will proudly bring your voice to City Hall to ensure that our rural lifestyle is not forgotten and your opinion counts.

George and his family have lived in Osgoode Ward for many years and realize that community strength is vital to growth.  They understand, enjoy, and actively partake in the rural lifestyle, including community functions, local sports, snowmobiling, hunting and above all being involved in the community spirit throughout the Villages.  This casual, community spirited lifestyle is not always available in large urban areas of Ottawa and makes this a unique feature of the rural areas with smaller populations.

It is not easy to maintain a rural lifestyle within the boundaries of a large City, and at the same time be able to enjoy the same amenities as the urban areas.   While City by-laws often threaten the rural areas, most residents want the same services as their city counterparts, and businesses need customers from all over the city which can  be a difficult balance, something George fully understands. He is truly committed to providing the residents of Osgoode Ward with the representation they desire and also need along the road to building a proud rural community and making it stronger.