Every letter I receive from residents is a gift. These letters are an illustration of people’s commitment to the Osgoode Ward we call home. I take their words to heart as I recognize that their trust in me must be earned every day through my actions and my hard work.

Councillor George Darouze has energetically demonstrated his wholehearted commitment to the betterment of Osgoode Ward through his hard work, solid support of community projects across the ward, and persistent representation of rural Ottawa’s voice at city hall and in the City budget.  He genuinely cares about the residents and businesses in Osgoode Ward and has launched initiatives such as his Open Door Tuesdays to listen to, and act upon the ideas and concerns of the people he represents. 

Kris van der Pas-Norenius

I have known Councillor George Darouze for many years and he has always been one to tackle challenges using knowledge, skill and tact. George is a great team player and team builder.

Since being elected as Councillor, George has impressed me with his genuine concern of issues within the community and his dedication to resolving them. Whether it is a local issue, or a city-wide concern, George seems to always know the background, the facts, the people involved and a good argument as to which direction to proceed. If negotiation is required, George is excellent in settling, such that the outcome is a ‘win-win’ situation.

Martin Michels

Councillor George Darouze has worked tirelessly in promoting Osgoode Ward within City Council and the Ottawa area.  He has consulted widely within the community and tackled many files, such as improving paramedic and policing services, infrastructure/road improvements, advancing economic development, attempting to deal with the hydro issue and mitigating the impact on the rural community of the storm water fee issue.  His support of events/fundraisers for youth and seniors throughout the Ward and building relationships with Community Associations has been exemplary.  He has been a champion, for example, for both the Osgoode Youth Association and the Osgoode Care Centre .

As a new Councillor, he hit the ground running and it is clear that he is proud of his involvement within our Ward and works with the best interests of our residents front of mind. 

Karen Newell

I have worked with Councillor George Darouze on numerous projects as the former President of the Greely Community Association and as a local resident. I have found George very easy to work with and straight forward. He finishes what  he commits to. If he cannot,  he will not commit to a project. I am very pleased to support George for his reelection as our city councilor of Osgoode Ward.

Bruce Brayman

I would like to express my gratitude and special thanks to Councillor George Darouze for the excellent support he has provided to the Marionville Community during his tenure as Councillor Osgoode Ward 20.  The renewal of the Séraphin Marion Park and associated infrastructures would have not been possible without Councillor Darouze’s involvement and commitment.  In addition, he worked in close collaboration with the mayors and officials of the Township or Russell and Township of North Dundas to implement traffic measures in the Marionville village to enhance the safety and security for its' residents and students of the Ste Thérèse d’Avila school.  Thanks to the hard work of Councillor Darouze, Marionville has greatly benefited from the City of Ottawa’s Rural Community-Building Grant Program.  The latest project, supported by Councillor Darouze, is the acquisition and installation of the silhouettes on Grégoire Road in the village.  This project will be completed during the summer of 2018.

In closing, Councillor Darouze has been highly visible and engaged in our community events.  His support to make the Marionville village and community a better place to live in has been greatly appreciated.  He has been and continues to be a real Ambassador for our community!

François Marion


On my first meeting with George Darouze, he stated that he was taught growing up that” If life was good to you, you should give back to others.”

Since that day, he has demonstrated how he has heeded his parent’s instructions. He meets those at every stage of life, from mothers with pre-schoolers to elderly residents. He has encouraged participation in events around the Ward to all groups. He demonstrates his interest in the people and seeks to find help for their problems. He has demonstrated the different needs of the rural area and worked at getting services needed for the area. With his interest in agriculture, George realizes that every farm has produce that must go to market.

He has worked very hard to initiate much needed road work throughout the Ward and the Osgoode Care Centre also has had his interest and guidance as a board member

Each year he hosts a Spring and Fall Tea. Many seniors attend this as the highlight of their year while sharing pleasant memories of their early years when such Teas were regular events in their lives.

I am very happy to say that Osgoode Ward benefits greatly from his services as our Councillor!

Vera Mitchell

As a physical fitness enthusiast, I joined a group of dedicated volunteers to create the Greely Loop. This path allows members of our community to safely explore various sectors of our village. From the outset, Councillor Darouze has been, not only an avid enthusiast of this project, but he also would not hesitate to get his hands dirty. On one particular occasion, I was very surprised to see him change from “his power suit” to a pair of jeans and help me through dense bushes find a path for the trail. His dedicated uncompromised support allowed our group to overcome various obstacles. We are now in the final phases of this worthwhile project, which will benefit our vibrant community now, and for generations to come.

P-Y Bourduas
Volunteer Greely Loop


I am very happy to support George Darouze in his quest for re-election.

I have found George to be a man of the villages.  He is a genuine gentleman and certainly cares for our Ward and its people.

George has done great work since he began in 2014 and I am excited to see what the next 4 years will bring with George at the helm!

Thanks George for your consistent hard work and dedication and for all that you do for us in Ward 20!

Jean Johnston-McKitterick


I have known George since the time we set up the All Candidates debate in 2014. He has always been kind and approachable. He does not speak ill of anyone and he is willing to lend an ear first to listen before he speaks.  He acts on issues and gets the answers back to the community. Some are favorable and some are not but he gets an answer.

I related well with all of the Community Associations and they have his respect. Numerous times, George was open for me to get valuable advice as the Osgoode Village Community Association (OVCA) Chairperson.   

I would highly recommend and endorse George for our elected Councillor again.

Greg Thurlow 
Past Chair, OVCA


It is with much thoughtful pleasure that I write this letter in support of your nomination to continue the great work ethic that you have displayed and results obtained by your efforts and action in the past term as our Ward Councillor.

You have wisely chosen and supported many of our and your worthwhile projects that have made Osgoode Ward a better-managed Ward and therefore a better place to live, work, play and raise a family.  Also, your help and support for the Osgoode Care Centre and other programs for the aged have been very noticeable.  You have continued the help required to support the youth programs.

For this and many other great reasons, the Patterson Family supports whole-heartedly your nomination to continue to do the job at hand and complete these projects, as well as start new ones in the next term.

Gibson H. Patterson


It is with pleasure and gratitude I am writing this endorsement for George Darouze, who has taken time to understand our need for street lights

To be extended north of the village of Kenmore to Ray Wilson Road. The residents use the roar in the evening for walking, jogging and biking for exercise .

For safety reasons I asked George for support and he understood immediately this concern and took action to make it happen.  Thank you for this support

And other services you provide our village. It has been a long time we have not seen that support to our residents.


Bill Buckland