Six Key Points

In his first term of Council, George has worked with passion and pride in serving Osgoode Ward residents and businesses. George is transparent, up front, accountable and has a strong work ethic that includes 100% attendance at Council meetings.

  • George provides a strong voice for Osgoode residents and businesses who express concerns by providing advice through meetings of the Osgoode Ward Advisory Committee (OWAC), the Osgoode Ward Business Association (OWBA) and for those who provide input on Open Door Tuesdays, at events and activities in the Ward as well as over the phone or email;
  • George championed over a 30% increase in Capital Investments for Osgoode Ward Infrastructure such as roads, culverts, structures, parks etc. for a total of over $38 million in his 1st term of Council;
  • George secured an additional $100,000 for continuing Osgoode Youth Association programs, as well as over $400,000 for Parks and Recreation projects;
  • George advances sustainable local economic development: recent projects include the Greely Village Centre and the Hard Rock Entertainment Facility that are creating over 2,000 continuing jobs and advancing planned road infrastructure projects in the area;
  • George responds to community road safety concerns. He implements effective traffic calming measures and road safety measures including new traffic control signals at Mitch Owens Road and Manotick Station Road, 30 speed display boards, 60 speed pavement markings, Green Light Awareness Signs for Volunteer Firefighters and “Slow Down for Us” signs to residents upon request;
  • George was recognized with an award from the Ontario Paramedics Association for his work in encouraging Council to fund 50 additional paramedics and 6 emergency response vehicles that significantly improved response times for paramedic services in Ottawa, especially in rural Ottawa and Osgoode Ward.