Re-Election Announcement

Dear Friends,

It has been a pleasure to serve as your Councillor for the last four years. I am proud of all we have accomplished through cooperation with residents, businesses, city staff, council and the Mayor. 

I am writing today to let you know that I will be seeking re-election as Councillor for Osgoode Ward in the 2018 Ottawa municipal election. I want to thank the many friends and residents who have contacted me over the past few weeks asking me to run again. I very much appreciate their kind words, encouragement and support. 

In my platform for the next four years, I have set out a plan to develop city policies that foster sustainable local economic development and safe rural villages where residents can choose to live, work and play all within same community. For those residents who commute to jobs within the city’s core, I also have a plan to improve their commutes. 

One of my highest priorities has always been road safety concerns in our rural communities. I undertook, in cooperation with local community associations, a program to implement local road safety and traffic calming measures including new intersection controls, sidewalks, multi-use pathways and pedestrian crossovers (PXOs) for our residents. 

As another priority, I obtained an additional $100,000 in city funding for youth programs and satellite youth services delivered by Osgoode Youth Association (OYA), as well as over $400,000 allocated towards Parks and Recreation projects. 

I have created a voice for local rural communities and businesses in Osgoode Ward by establishing the Osgoode Ward Advisory Committee (OWAC), consisting of community leaders, business owners and representatives of local youth, seniors and agricultural partners. This committee meets quarterly and helps me determine priorities for the ward. 

Working on behalf of Osgoode Ward residents and businesses, I have helped foster a strong rural lifestyle along with appropriate development in the south end by ensuring that infrastructure and development go hand in hand. For example, I led the strong support for the development of the Hard Rock Entertainment Facility at the Rideau Carleton Raceway (RCR) while working to simultaneously improve the city’s road network in support of this world-class entertainment facility. 

I have also been successful in supporting commercial industry start-ups in Osgoode Ward as part of my rural economic strategy. An example of this success is the “shovels in the ground” for the construction of Greely Village Centre. After 8 years without movement, I facilitated discussions between the developers and the city, and the project is now moving towards completion. 

I am very proud of my track record in keeping taxes and city services at an affordable rate through creative thinking and hard work. In every year of my tenure as an active member of the Transportation Committee, Community and Protective Services Committee, Audit Committee, IT Sub-Committee and as Vice-Chair of Agricultural & Rural Affairs Committee, I have supported Council’s property tax cap to provide greater stability and predictability for our residents. I plan to continue working with the Mayor and Council to exercise fiscal prudence. 

In my first term as your Councillor, I have been instrumental in obtaining a greater share of capital investment funding for Osgoode Ward’s infrastructure: an over-30% increase, for a total of more than $38 million during this term of Council. This includes over $11 million for ward infrastructure in 2018, of which $8 million is earmarked for our roads. 

With the support of our local communities, I have been successful in limiting the costs of the new rural stormwater management fee. These funds are strictly designated to pay for major rural underground infrastructure culverts along former regional roads, which are often wrongly presumed to be covered from our roads maintenance budget. This money will not be used for the costly stormwater system within the city’s core. 

I am proud to have strongly supported Council in adding new police officers and paramedics. It was an honour to receive an Appreciation Award from the Ontario Paramedics Association for my contributions. 

Serving as the Osgoode Ward Councillor has been a tremendous honour. I am grateful for this opportunity each and every day as I walk into City Hall or when I’m out and about in our community. I regularly receive letters of gratitude and support from residents, and I’m very appreciative of those letters, which illustrate people’s commitment to the Osgoode Ward we call home. I take their words to heart and recognize that their trust in me must be earned every day through my actions and my hard work. 

I am proud of the progress we have made together and I am optimistic about what we can achieve in the future. I have a good sense of the work that is required to build a strong and proud rural lifestyle. This work fills me with confidence and a strong desire to continue building the solid partnerships it takes to get things done. 

Our ward is on the cusp of significant transformation.  With the support of Osgoode Ward residents and businesses, I look forward to continuing to serve them as their Councillor for a second term.

Thank you,

George Darouze

George Darouze
Candidate, Ward 20